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  • Carry out a full electronic audit of all computers within the organisation
  • Produce a full report on all software installed on all machines
  • Provide ready made addendums to staff handbooks

What is copyright law

  • Computer software is defined as Literary Work
  • A company never takes ownership of the copyright in the software they purchase, they merely have a licence to use it
  • All individuals, organisations and government agencies are subject to copyright law

What are the risks

  • Directors (personally) not the company are legally responsible
  • Ignorance of the law is not accepted as a defence
  • Infringement of copyright is a criminal not a civil matter
  • Directors are culpable for staff actions unless a proven, audited process is in place and it is audited and enforced
  • Unlimited fines
  • Up to 10 years in prison

What are your obligations

  • Ensure all software in use in the organisation is legal and valid licences can be produced upon request
  • Produce and disseminate company processes regarding software installation and use of the Internet
  • Provide training to staff on company procedures
  • Audit machines regularly to ensure compliance
  • Take corrective action and if required enforce disciplinary procedures when required